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Pulsars are a continuous area-of-effect weapon that creates a radiation bubble with the user in its center. It requires a 2x2 S weapon slot to be equipped.

Pulsars are a very good area denial weapon against Missiles, Drones (and Carriers), and close quarter ships.

Pulsar Edit


Pulsar M1's stats

Pulsar M1 is a Heat weapon from Taraniak. It has lowered stats compared to Pulsar M2, but has lowered energy consumption.

Pulsar M2 Edit


Pulsar M2's stats

Pulsar M2 is an Energy weapon from Jurgans. It is statistically superior, but has 50% more energy consumption compared to its M1 version.

A Wormship using a Pulsar with 100% AoE buff disabling a drone carrier, in this case a Thor.


Similar ship using Pulsar M2 with 100% AoE buff disabling 2 Thors at the same time.

Pros and Cons Edit

Pros Cons
Can protect ship against Missiles, rockets, drones, and short ranged ships Low DPS
No aiming needed Low Damage:Energy ratio
Can damage ships inside the bubble in all directions Very limited reach
Small weapon slot requirement

Trivia Edit

  • The weapon is named after stellar-type objects with similar name. Pulsars are incredibly small stars that are derived from a white dwarf and neutron stars, the only difference is that Pulsars spin thousands to million times faster. This gives it a very powerful magnetic field that creates massive amounts of electromagnetic radiation, repelling anything that gets close enough by pushing them though radiation pressure. This makes the game's Pulsar reminiscent to its namesake, but pulsars tend to have a beam of radiation from its poles.