Raven Mk2
RavenMk2 layout
Faction Korerans
Combat Class Frigate
Satellite Class Light
Base Hitpoints 15.00
Base/Minimum Weight 600/300
Workshop Level 26
Crafting Cost 6750
Star Ingredient(s) 1

The Raven Mk2 is an enhanced version of the Raven. It is also the second Frigate of Korerans faction.

For player use, lack of engine slots means lowering weight to minimum and use of barrel M1 satellites is highly advised. Any torpedoes will do, but a Quantum Torpedo can be a very good weapon for this ship.


  • Non-veterans are armed with a Proton Torpedo M2 and a Point-Defense System. It is recommend to use high RoF weapons to overwhelm the PDS should the weapons be projectile-based.
  • Veterans have a Heavy Plasma Torpedo M1 and Point-Defense System. The torpedo can deal high damage vs slow ships, and since these enemies are significantly faster than Non-veterans, it is advised to use fast ship to counter them.
  • Double-veterans are even faster with more health, have a TU-Assisted EMP Torpedo and an ECM Jammer. They should be taken out from afar or use fast ship to avoid the torpedo.