Reactors are one of the basic modules in Event Horizon, allowing ships to refill their energy supply.

Reactor types Edit

Nuclear Reactors Edit

Nuclear reactors are the basic energy source found on the Free Stars tech tree.

All sizes weigh 50/module slot.

  • Small Nuclear Reactor - 1x1, 2 energy recharge rate (2e/space)
  • Nuclear Reactor - 2x2, 10 recharge rate (2.5e/space)
  • Large Nuclear Reactor - 3x3, 27 recharge rate (3e/space)

Anti-matter Reactors Edit

Anti-matter reactors are found in the Daazen tech tree and are much more useful than Nuclear Reactors due to their better recharge-rate/slot ratio, although they also weigh more accordingly.

All sizes weigh 100/module slot.

  • Anti-matter Reactor - 3x3 + shape (5 slots), 30 recharge rate (6e/space)
  • Large Anti-matter Reactor - 17 slots (3x3 square + 8 on sides), 119 recharge rate (7e/space)

Trivia Edit

Thermal Armors also provide energy recharging, where the Small Thermal Armor gives 0.4/sec, the Thermal Armor gives 2/sec and the Large gives 5.4/sec recharge rate.