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Reactors are one of the basic modules in Event Horizon, allowing ships to refill their energy supply.

Reactor types[]

Nuclear Reactors[]

Nuclear reactors are the basic energy source found on the Free Stars tech tree.

All sizes weigh 50/module slot.

  • Small Nuclear Reactor - 1x1, 2 energy recharge rate (2e/space)
  • Nuclear Reactor - 2x2, 10 recharge rate (2.5e/space)
  • Large Nuclear Reactor - 3x3, 27 recharge rate (3e/space)

Anti-matter Reactors[]

Anti-matter reactors are found in the Daazen tech tree and are much more useful than Nuclear Reactors due to their better recharge-rate/slot ratio, although they also weigh more accordingly.

All sizes weigh 100/module slot.

  • Anti-matter Reactor - 3x3 + shape (5 slots), 30 recharge rate (6e/space)
  • Large Anti-matter Reactor - 17 slots (3x3 square + 8 on sides), 119 recharge rate (7e/space)


Thermal Armors also provide energy recharging, where the Small Thermal Armor gives 0.4/sec, the Thermal Armor gives 2/sec and the Large gives 5.4/sec recharge rate.