Santa Claus
Faction Unaligned
Combat Class Capital Ship
Satellite Class Heavy
Base Hitpoints 212.00
Base/Minimum Weight 8920/4460
Workshop Level N/A
Crafting Cost N/A
Star Ingredient(s) N/A

Santa Claus is one of the two unaligned Capital Ships added by the 2017 Christmas Update, alongside the Chariot.

For player use, Santa Claus has very few yellow slots, which means making it into a dog-fighter is nearly impossible. Its two 3x3 c slots can mount Holy Cannons, the weapon that this ship was introduced along side. Pairing them with some sort of Anti-Matter Bomb makes it a powerful close range brawler. 


Santa Claus is a roughly triangular ship with protruding candy canes, which house electrical components. It is bulky, and rouned.

Strategy Edit

This ship is usually accompanied by AI only "Santa Drones" that are very powerful. Killing this ship before the drones have a chance to get close is advised.