Faction Veniri
Combat Class Frigate
Satellite Class Light
Base Hitpoints 12.50
Base/Minimum Weight 500/250
Workshop Level 0
Crafting Cost 3,125

The Scout (See Scout MK2) is one of your starter ships. It's also the basic Veniri ship.

For player use, it can be used with two Potato M1s and Small Missile Launchers as a counter to light ships. Another viable option would be to arm it with a Quantum Detonator. Sadly the lack of room for a Large Nuclear/Anti-Matter Reactor leaves this outclassed by most other ships.


All variants are quick, but have low damage and armor. L-weapons, Small Missiles or spread of fire is advised.

  • Non-veterans are very plain, armed with just Small Pulse Cannon M2.
  • Veterans have two different layouts that are chosen randomly:
    • First variants are armed with a Pulse Cannon and Frontal Energy Shield. Use AoE weapons or circle behind them to get around the shield.
    • Second variants are armed with a Pulse Cannon and Quantum Detonator. More care is needed here, finishing them off quickly at range before they explode is recommended to avoid possible heavy damage.