Scout Mk2
Scout MK2
Faction Veniri
Combat Class Frigate
Satellite Class Light
Base Hitpoints 15.00
Base/Minimum Weight 600/300
Workshop Level 20
Crafting Cost 6,750
Star Ingredient(s) 1

The Scout MK2 is the enhanced version of the Scout, the basic Veniri ship. It's one of the few ships that can reach the speed cap of twenty, even with the additional weight of satellites.

Two Potato M1 Satellites and Small Missile Launchers can be used as an extremely mobile counter to light ships. It's advised to use a Targeting Unit and Pulse Multi-Cannon for the main gun. Once built-in TU upgrade is installed, Railgun can be armed to make it a nimble sniper.


All variants of the Scout MK2 use the same fire evading technique: As soon as you fire towards them, they will turn and try to evade your fire. This makes long-range fighting hard unless you fire in a large angle, use autoguided weaponry or a Tractor beam.

  • Non-veterans are equipped with a Pulse Cannon M2, Cloaking System. They are fairly fast and mobile but won't try to keep maximum range with you. Their strategy is to circle around your ship, slowly get closer and stop to shoot at you at a close range. The Cloaking System allows them to not take damage from your shots, under 50% fuel they don't use it. Therefore, one that wishes to take down these ships quickly should just wait until they're close enough to burst them down.
  • Veterans are equipped with a TU-assisted Pulse Cannon M2 but don't use the Cloaking System. However, they are much, much faster and will try to preserve maximal range. Using a fast ship will make for an easy fight. Using a heavy ship will require you to anticipate the ship's movements and shoot at the right moment, without forgetting that all Scout MK2 variants use a fire evading technique.


Trivia Edit

  • Non-veterans can be seen as a Leviathan's drone accompanying throughout the fight.