Smuggler layout
Faction Unaligned
Combat Class Battleship
Satellite Class Heavy
Base Hitpoints 88.00
Base/Minimum Weight 3520/1760
Workshop Level N/A
Crafting Cost N/A

The Smuggler Ship is an Unaligned Battleship. It is currently in the game files as of version 15.1, but it is unobtainable, as it can not be crafted nor looted after combat.

The Smuggler Ship allows for high flexibility with endgame equipment, having many green and blue slots for armour and modules. Its 2*5 LC slot allows for endgame weapons such as the Tachyon Beam and Heavy Ion Cannon to be equipped.


  • Non-veterans are equipped with a TU-Assisted Ion Cannon, three Rangemaster Units and are slow. They are not much of a threat but can shoot from afar.