Spectrum layout
Faction Bushrak
Combat Class Frigate
Satellite Class Light
Base Hitpoints 11.50
Base/Minimum Weight 460/230
Workshop Level 14
Crafting Cost 2,645

The Spectrum (See Spectrum MK2) is the Bushrak Frigate. It's also very light, weighing less than the Scout.

For player use, dual Small Lightning Cannon M3s along with minimum weight is one of the few usable options. For later use, this ship can be used as a Quantum Detonator carrier, if there are small free spots in your hangar.

Event Horizon FrontierEdit

The Spectrum retains its designs and shape, however it no longer comes equipped with a frontal energy shield. 


The Spectrum is a rather slow and close ranged ship. As those two don't work well together it's not an issue to simply hit them from out of range.

  • Non-veterans is equipped simply with just a Frontal Energy Shield and Small Laser M2.
  • Veterans are equipped with the same modules although they have higher energy, energy regeneration and armor.