Spectrum Mk2
SpectrumMk2 layout
Faction Bushrak
Combat Class Frigate
Satellite Class Light
Base Hitpoints 18.50
Base/Minimum Weight 740/370
Workshop Level 36
Crafting Cost 10,200
Star Ingredient(s) 1

The Spectrum Mk2 is an enhanced version of the Spectrum, the lightest Bushrak ship. Unlike the Spectrum, it is capable of housing two drones.

For player use, using Fusion Beams/Vampiric Rays is recommended for semi-decent dps. However, it can also equip two drones or three Antimatter Reactors. Therefore, equipping it with satellites is a good idea as it is capable of using more energy-costly weaponry.


Like its Mk1 counterpart, it is still slow and benefits from a slightly higher hitpoints pool. The main difference between the two is the drones, and the speed.

  • Non-veterans are equipped with a Frontal Energy shield, Small Laser M2 and two M22 (Small Stasis Field) Drones. Stasis Drones can always be annoying, but the ship itself is rather weak and only armed with a short range weapon. Nothing special is needed to dispose of them.
  • Veterans lose their M22 drones, but are equipped with a Fusion Beam and the same Frontal Energy Shield, with their speed increased significantly. The Fusion Beam will track you once locked onto if in range. Some care is needed but the singular weapon still isn't very strong by itself.