Spike MK2
Spike Mk2
Faction Neganari
Combat Class Frigate
Satellite Class Light
Base Hitpoints 16
Base/Minimum Weight 660/330
Workshop Level 30
Crafting Cost 8,167
Star Ingredient(s) 1
The Spike MK2 is an upgrade of the basic Neganari ship, the Spike. It can't hold a lightning cannon anymore, but it can use more advanced beam weapons, such as a Small Tachyon Beam or a TU-assisted Fusion Beam.

For player use, it can be a fast missile ship with two Potato M1 satellites and a Small Tachyon Beam in addition, or four Small Lightning Cannon M3s.

Strategy Edit

The Spike MK2 uses different types of L weapons, and isn't too much of a threat unless at close range;

Non-veterans use a Laser Cannon, and are easily dealt with from long range.

Veterans are equipped with a TU-assisted Fusion Beam, and are incredibly faster than non-veterans. 

Double-veterans are equipped with a Small Tachyon Beam, and are very fast. At higher levels (especially in gauntlets) they pack huge damage and can cause chaos for the unprepared; therefore the player should prioritise destroying them.