Stalker layout
Faction Bushrak
Combat Class Battleship
Satellite Class Heavy
Base Hitpoints 37.50
Base/Minimum Weight 1500/750
Workshop Level 67
Crafting Cost 28,125
Star Ingredient(s) 1

With a total of 16 M-slots, the Stalker is the heaviest standard missile ship. It is the Battleship of Bushrak.

For player use, this ship makes a great boss hunter as it can wield quad Heavy Missile Launcher M2s/M3s with the help of Potato M3 Satellites. The best option on the ship itself is to use two Heavy Missile Launchers M2s/M3s on paired fire and two Heavy Missile Launchers M2s/M3s on paired fire as backup for faster targets. When engaging smaller faster targets at long range with the Heavy Missiles, it is recommended to fire aimed slightly off-target, or even while fully spinning. The wide variety of missile arcs will make it quite difficult for the enemy to dodge them all. Also note that Frontal Energy Shields are completely ineffective against missiles, making this ship an excellent choice against them.


All variants are slow and tanky but will deal massive damage to anything unlucky enough to come into physical contact with its missiles.

  • Non-veterans come equipped with dual Heavy Missile Launchers. These have a long range, good damage, and fire moderately quickly. Medium to high speed ships will let you circle around and hit them with ease. One can wait until the Stalker's energy supply is exhausted and being recharged as a safe window of attack.
  • Veterans come with the Non-veterans' feature, along with Shield Capacitors and generators.
  • Double Veterans use dual Tractor Beams, dual Heavy Missiles Launcher M2s, and have increased rate of fire. Extreme caution is a must when facing them as the more powerful missiles have significantly increased damage, range and AoE. The Tractor Beams can hold you in place to be hammered by the missiles. Approaching from the rear or side is practically a must, and fast ships are advised.