Faction All factions
Combat Class Fortress
Satellite Class Fortress
Base Hitpoints 232
Base/Minimum Weight 9280/4640
Workshop Level None
Crafting Cost None
Star Ingredient(s) None
Starbases are elements of Event Horizon and Event Horizon: Frontier.

Event HorizonEdit

In Event Horizon, starbases appear when player is conquering any faction's capital. They're very strong, but those close to the center of the galaxy are unarmed, regardless of faction. When the player goes further, each faction has it's own starbase build.


Veniri bases are equiped with pulse cannons and 4 M11 drones. However, they do not possess drone factories, so their drones will not respawn.


Bushrak bases are equiped with three M21 drones and Heavy Missile Launchers, so agile ships and ECM Jammers are recommended.

Korerans Edit

The Korerans' starbases are equipped with Heavy EMP Torpedoes and four M31 drones, however they do not have any drone factories so the drones will not respawn. An ECM Jammer and an agile ship are recommended in order to evade the torpedoes and drones. A high-firepower gunship will probably fail due to EMP stunlock.

Taraniak Edit

Taraniak bases have four M41 drones and Heavy Lightning Cannon, so as long as you aren't directly next to them, you will be safe.

Sayjix Edit

Sayjix bases only have four M51 drones.

Jurgans Edit

Jurgans' bases are armed with dual Heavy Acid Missiles in every weapon mount and two Embryo Mk2 drones. A ship agile enough to avoid missiles and acid clouds is recommended.

Zumbalari Edit

Zumbalari bases are equipped with heavy neutron blasters and Missile launcher M3s.

Neganari Edit

Neganari bases are equipped with just Mass Drivers (M2?).


Daazen starbases have Heavy Antimmatter Bombs (M2?) on each weapon mount, which essentially create an area of denial around the superstructure. They are heavily shielded, so ships like the ISS Galleon, which can be with outfitted 2 Heavy EMP Torpedoes, are easily able to destroy them from a safe distance, as, in the Galleon's case, EMPs do critical amounts of damage to shields. Long range weapons of any sort, however, are viable.

The immunity of Energy Shield against AoE weapons are very useful to engage these bases in close combat.

Unknown Edit

Unknown Starbases have Heavy Antimatter Torpedoes on each weapon mount. The torpedoes deal enormous damage and can reach long ranges so keeping an eye out for these torpedoes is a must. They are practically very easily countered by Point-Defense System equipped ships as the fire rate of the torpedoes are too slow.

The Empire Edit

The Empire's Starbases are equipped with triple Rocket Launcher M2s on each weapon mount. Also they have 6 imperial drones, so at first player should focus on destroying them, because they can quickly repair base and deal much damage to player's ship.

The Swarm Edit

In current version The Swarm has no Starbase, and there's no information on them possibly being added in the future.

The Syndicate Edit

The Syndicate, like The Swarm, currently has no base present.


Pirate BasesEdit

Pirate bases, like the Daazen's, are well shielded. They're equiped with Holy Cannons and 3 Santa Drones with drone factory, so it's recommended to use long-range weapons.

Event Horizon: FrontierEdit

In EH: Frontier, the player owns and defends his own starbase. They can also manage the base's equipment, just as they can manage that of their ship's. The starbase is majorly composed of blue slots, allowing the prodigious use of armor, shielding, drones, or a concoction of all three.

The base can be equipped with any weapon that is at least 2x2 slots big.