General information Edit

Torpedo weapons fire balls of energy, which are heavily affected by the ship's trajectory, therefore it is not recommended to use a TU on a torpedo ship which you plan and strafing with. However unlike missiles, they cannot be detonated by projectiles and explosions, but a point defense system will still destroy torpedoes.

Proton Torpedoes Edit

Torpedoes found on the Korerans tech tree. They shoot slow to mid-speed balls exploding on touch, but unlike missiles they aren't triggered by other weapons or explosions. Proton torpedoes deal energy damage. 

Damage Energy Con. Reload


Velocity Impulse 


Small Proton Torpedo  6 3


15 10


Proton Torpedo  7.5 5 0.5 20 10 10 3
Proton Torpedo M2 10 7 0.5 20 12 20 3
Heavy Proton Torpedo 15 5


30 15 20 5

EMP Torpedoes Edit

EMP Torpedoes don't do much damage to hull, but partly or even completely discharge ship energy, and also do critical damage to shields, so shield build is unrecommended against foes with EMPs.

Damage Energy Con.  Reload  Range  Velocity  Impulse  AoE 
EMP Torpedo  10 10 2 25 17 100 3
Heavy EMP Torpedoe 20 20 2 30 15 100 7

Other Torpedoes Edit

Heavy Plasma Torpedo M1Edit

Shoots slow torpedoes that,  instead of exploding, fly through everything and deal heat damage

Heavy Quantum TorpedoEdit

It shoots very slow, but guided big torpedoes with high damage, range and AoE