Faction Bushrak
Combat Class Destroyer
Satellite Class Medium
Base Hitpoints 22
Base/Minimum Weight 880/440
Workshop Level 67
Crafting Cost 9680

The Trident is the second Destroyer of the Bushrak faction  It was added in version 0.12.3.

This ship is considered by some to be tantamount to a Zephyr Mk2, even though it has a lot of distinguishing properties. It is both far faster than the Zephyr and has far fewer green slots, making it able to pump out far less damage.

For player use, this ship can equip Rocket Launchers, and/or various Missile Launchers. It is considerably faster and lighter than other skirmishers, and has a large amount of engine slots. It can equip Afterburner and Missle Launcher M3 which is considerable deadly if known how to use. Its armor aids a lot if you get hit.


Tridents will try to strafe and fire from distance, so it's better to have a fast ship to avoid getting hit by the missiles/rockets while catching up to it. Long ranged weapons is also advised to save the chasing.

  • Non-veterans have reasonable armour, and carry twin Missile Launcher M3s.
  • Veterans are fast and use two rocket launchers M2, Empire rockets that travel further and hit harder. The high armor assisted with a Small Repair Bot makes them dangerous foes for new players.