Tyrant unarm
Faction Unaligned
Combat Class Battleship
Satellite Class Heavy
Base Hitpoints 46.00
Base/Minimum Weight 1840/920
Workshop Level 30
Crafting Cost 42,320
Star Ingredient(s) 1

Tyrant is an Unaligned Battleship. It can be bought at Smuggler Bases, repaired from Beacons or crafted after finding blueprints from Exploration. It is one of the few ships that can directly mount Heavy Proton Torpedoes.

Tyrant's T-slots unlike the Manticore fire forward instead of at an arc, making it better agasint small targets. When equipped with any large M3 satellites, Automated Reloader M2s, high energy capacity and moderate recharge rate (1/6 of total capacity) it can act like a real tyrant with high DPS and impulse against Capital Ships. The universal slots add options, ideally filled with a Pulsar, Missiles, Laser, or Stasis field. It can also equip an Afterburner.


  • Non-veterans are equipped with 2 Proton Torpedoes, 2 Heavy Proton Torpedoes and an EMP Torpedo. These are slow and heavy armored foes, as long as you don't face them directly they won't pose much of a threat.
  • Veterans are equipped with 2 Proton Torpedo M2s, 2 Heavy Proton Torpedoes, an EMP Torpedo and 2 M31(Small Proton Torpedo) drones. The lack of Drone Factory means the drones can't be respawned once killed. These trade armor for more speed, so fast ship and long ranged weapons are needed.