Faction The Swarm
Combat Class Battleship
Satellite Class Heavy
Base Hitpoints 77
Base/Minimum Weight 3200/1540
Workshop Level 30
Crafting Cost 177,825
Star Ingredient(s) 13
Faction The Swarm
Combat Class Capital Ship
Satellite Class Capital Ship
Base Hitpoints 314
Base/Minimum Weight 12680/6280
Workshop Level 240
Crafting Cost 5,915,200
Star Ingredient(s) 62

~~ Until one of the "Wormship"s are renamed, this will serve as the page for both. ~~

The Wormship is a Battleship that belongs to the Swarm, that appears in both Event Horizon and Event Horizon - Frontier. This is possibly the most powerful battleship in the game. It is the only battleship capable of equipping two titan drives, and is one of the six non-Capital Ships capable of mounting a Heavy Antimatter Reactor

The Wormship is also the name for the extremely powerful Capital Ship of The Swarm. This ship is a living ship. It is by far the largest ship in the game, capable of mounting twelve titan drives.

The Wormships comes with a special module called the worm tail system that cannot be removed. This worm tail creates several smaller segments behind the wormship, each segment adding resistance. When the Wormships' tail is pristine, they have full 100% resistance to all damage types except special, making them nearly invincible.

Player useEdit

Players can find these ship to be extremely useful due to the fact that AIs do not target the tail first. It's also worth to notice that tail regenerates after changing ship like repair bot. Due to its size, the Wormships can equip many Rangemaster units, which can allow the generally close ranged L(laser) type weapons to reach long ranges. (it is possible to fire a HLBm2 further than a Railgun if enough Rangemasters are equipped.

However, players may find the Wormships a bit difficult to fly. For the Capital version in the original Event Horizon and for both in Frontier, unlike every other ship you've likely been flying up to the point you have been able to get either Wormship, they cannot easily spin in place. Without also thrusting forward the head only has about 90 degrees of movement to each side from center. Beyond that, the tail will start wrapping around the head at a limited bend radius, and the turn rate will slow down drastically. At this point some turn commands may not even register. You will need to make longer wider turns, which will take some getting used to.

Additional information Edit

  • The capital ship variant can be encountered as a lone boss at rescue beacons, defeating it grants the player several stars, and alien artifacts, and some other common loot, such as Credits, and equipment.
  • If the Wormship is recalled after losing its tail, a new one will grow back when it is redeployed.
  • The battleship variant is not a living ship, for some strange reason. (Considering the fact that it was first made obtainable in Event Horizon Frontier by killing a capital class Wormship, it is possible that the Battleship variant was made as a result of reverse engineering, and therefore non living)
  • The Capital Wormship has built in 180° auto targeting.
  • The tail's hp scales with its level.
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Swarm Battleship

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Swarm Capital ship

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Veteran Swarm Capital ship

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Double Veteran Swarm Capital ship