Zion layout
Faction Bushrak
Combat Class Cruiser
Satellite Class Medium
Base Hitpoints 32.00
Base/Minimum Weight 1280/640
Workshop Level 39
Crafting Cost 20,480

The Zion is a Bushrak Cruiser that can act as an early carrier; capable of fielding up to 4 drones.

For player use, it's advised to use its default loadout: a Plasma Thrower like the AI, and a Stealth Field. Minimum weight and Barrel Satellites are practically a must to make this usable, however its default loadout can destroy veteran Megalodons on its own, make this a very useful early game ship.You can put a lot of nanofibers on it to counter faster ships, allowing it to catch up to them and kill them.


All variants are equipped Stealth Field. They aren't very fast but are slightly tanky and if you get caught in range their Plasma Throwers will deal heavy damage. Missiles are not recommend.

  • Non-veterans are straightforward with a Stealth Field, Plasma Thrower and dual M21 (Small Laser Beam) Drones.
  • Veterans are equipped with the same modules, although they trade the drones for Thermal Armor and Nanofiber Structures. These ships have increased speed and heat resistance(over 58%), therefore one should approach with care and use non heat-based weapons to attack.


Trivia Edit

  • Zion is the Hebrew name for the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and was the seat of the first and second Holy Temple.
  • Though the weapon placed in front, it does not have any holes to fire.