Empty Zombie
Faction Jurgans
Combat Class Battleship
Satellite Class Heavy
Base Hitpoints 32
Base/Minimum Weight 1500/750
Workshop Level 52
Crafting Cost 28,025
Star Ingredient(s) 1

The Zombie was added in 0.12.3. It is the second Battleship of the Jurgans faction.

This ship is basically a Stalker with S slots instead of M slots. It also seems to be missing its cockpit, meaning that the Zombie is most likely a destroyed Stalker. Like all other living ships, the Zombie regenerates 1% of its health per second.

For player use it's advised to arm the ship with either Plasma Webs, Plasma Throwers or Heavy Acid Missiles. As the only sub-capital ship in existence that can fit two Heavy Acid Missiles since no satellite can fit them (Maggot M3s have the wrong weapon slot shape), the Zombie can become a very dangerous no-element fighter which no ship will be resistant to. An afterburner leaves possibilities open for a good acid missile skirmisher.

Strategy Edit

  • Non-Veterans are armed with dual Acid Cannons. Slow and heavy, these guys shouldn't be an issue as long as you don't stay in front of them.
  • Veterans simply replace the Acid Cannons with dual Heavy Acid Missile Launchers. The missiles are rather agile, so a faster ship would be best if you plan to take them head-on. They're still slow and heavy, so ships that can pick off enemies from a distance will also work well.